For 5 gallons (19 liters)

Gold DME* — 7 lb (38.9%)
2 row — 5 lb (22.2%)
Munich Malt — 2 lb (11.1%)
Crystal 60L — 1 lb (5.6%)
Special B — 1 lb (5.6%)
Roasted Barley — 1 lb (5.6%)
Black Malt — 1 lb (5.6%)
Yeast — Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091)


3 gallon Corny keg. Adapted from Imperial Oak Brewing’s infusion recipes.

1 vanilla bean (split)3 Guajillo chili peppers (deseeded and membranes removed)1 Ceylon cinnamon stick (lightly crushed)39 g coffee (lightly crushed)* Infusion goes directly in the keg, in a mesh bag, and sits for a week.


Mash at 150°F for an hour. Add DME once the kettle reaches a boil. Next, add Warrior and E.K. Goldings at 60 minutes, then more EKG at both 15 min, 10 min, and a final addition of EKG at flame out (52.4 IBU estimated). Total boil time is 2.5 hours.

I like low IBU beers, so I went with around 52.4 IBUs for the stout, however that beer could accommodate up to 100 IBUs. No exact amounts are listed, because each hop batch is a little different, so the reader can plug in their hop AA% and use their favorite brewing software to come up with a target IBU.

For my original recipe, a 25 gallon batch:

60 min
1 oz Warrior (16.2 AA)
11 oz EKG (4.5 AA)

Equal amounts of EKG at 15/10/FO
2 oz EKG (4.5 AA)

Knocked out near 88°F, with very strong oxygenation. Collected 5 gallons of wort at an OG of 1.114 (71% efficiency). Pitched 300mL (3 homebrew packs or 2L starter*) of fresh Hornindal slurry. Final gravity was 1.040, 4 days in (1.046 at 40 hours, 1.041 at 66 hours, 1.040 at 90 hours, 1.040 at 192 hours).