Knoed Yeast Pour

Published on Decor Punk

Focusing on the craft rather than the science the distinctive fresh branding for Omega Yeast’s homebrew series creates real standout and a sense of adventure withe its quirky animal illustrations.

Every beer you drink requires yeast during the brewing process. Different yeast strains yield different flavor profiles and styles of beer. That’s where Omega Yeast comes in.

Based in Chicago and St. Louis, Omega Yeast grows over 75 strains of liquid yeast for Probrewers and Homebrewers. They’re known for propagating ultra-fresh yeast that gives consistent results, as well as their one-of-a-kind strains you can’t find anywhere else.

After gaining popularity in their regional market, Omega hired Knoed to redesign their brand identity and position them on a national scale. Rather than focusing on the science behind the process, Knoed took a more artful approach by using Omega’s own yeast to create textures and graphics which ultimately became the foundation of the brand image.

Knoed created a new logo, inspired by a budding yeast cell, and a new visual identity system that would resonate with the craft brewer.

Group Stacked

Custom illustrations inspired by the characteristics of each strain were created for Omega’s best-selling homebrew packs. Packaging, stationery, brochures, stickers, posters, apparel, tags, website, playing cards, ads and signage were all part of branding their new image.

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