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Happy Pride Month! So many breweries are doing amazing things all year round or during the month to support LGBTQ+ communities.

This year, we’ve linked with several of these breweries across the nation in what we’re calling Pride Partnership 2024. We’ve donated a pitch of yeast for these Pride beers and a portion of the proceeds from each beer will go to LGBTQ+ organizations each brewery finds meaningful in their communities.

If you’re in the area of any of the below breweries, be sure to check out their Pride beers to support a good cause.

Community Beer Works — Buffalo, NY
Proceeds support Pride Center of WNY

Thin Man Brewery — Buffalo, NY
Proceeds support Pride Center of WNY

Smoldered Society — Buffalo, NY
Proceeds support Pride Center of WNY

El Suenito — Bellingham, WZ
Un Poco Gay
Proceeds support Whatcom Youth Pride

GoldSpot — Denver, CO
Proceeds support Transformative Freedom Fund

Marz Brewing — Chicago, IL
Proceeds support Howard Brown

Hopewell Brewing — Chicago, IL
Roaring Sequence
Proceeds support Healing to Action

Bow and Arrow Brewing — Albuquerque, NM
You Must Be My Lucky Star
Proceeds support Rainbow Scholarship

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