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For 7bbl
OG — 10°P
FG — ‑1.5°P
ABV — 6.01%
Calories — 124


200lb Dextrose
7bbl pitch at 10M cells/ml of Lutra (OYL-071 Lutra® Kveik Yeast)
Propper Seltzer nutrient probrew pack (7bbl)


  1. Bring 7bbl of water to ~180°F (82°C). Add sugar, circulate, and bring to a boil.
  2. Gently boil for 10 minutes. Check gravity and add water to adjust to 10°P as necessary.
  3. Turn off heat, add Propper Seltzer nutrient to the kettle, and mix or whirlpool to dissolve.
  4. Knock out sugar base to the fermentor at desired kveik fermentation temperature 80 – 95°F (26 – 35°C). Aerate to 8 – 10ppg.
  5. Pitch yeast.
  6. Ferment to completion, 2 – 4 days based on temperature.
  7. Harvest yeast slurry once terminal plato is reached and re-pitch or store accordingly.

Note: If you are adding other sugars (honey, turbinado, table sugar, agave), be sure to account for different PPGs. When flavoring with ingredients that include fermentables, add while yeast is finishing fermentation. Keep warm and allow for fermentation.

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