This brew is our take on the burgeoning new hoppy style known as a Brut IPA. Mimicking the qualities of sparkling white wine in a beer, this beer is effervescent, bone-dry, with minimal bitterness and malt character to allow the hoppiness to burst forth. The key player in the style is glucoamylase, an enzyme that breaks down complex starches into simpler sugars for the yeast to chew through.

Aim for low SRM, bitterness <30 IBU, and dry hop amounts similar to a classic West Coast IPA. While many commercial examples lean toward cleaner yeast profiles (West Coast Ale I, British Ale I), non-phenolic strains with expressive estery character can produce phenomenal results (DIPA Ale, Tropical IPA). In this particular brew, we used Hornindal Kveik. New Zealand and American hops with a tropical fruit quality should be added close to whirpool and or at dry hop.

OG — 1.053
FG — 1.002
ABV — 6.8%
IBU — 25

For 6 gallons (~23 liters)

  • Pilsen Malt — 9 lb (90%)
  • White Wheat — 1 lb (10%)
  • Columbus — .5 oz at 15 minutes
  • Pacifica (or similar variety such as Pacific Jade or Galaxy) — 1 oz at flameout
  • Kohatu/Motueka — .5 oz at flameout
  • Hallertau Blanc/Hallertau Mittelfruh/Crystal — .5 oz at flameout
  • Nelson Sauvin — 2 oz dry hop for 2 days


Add grain to 8.5 gallons water at 153°F for a target mash of 147°F. Hold mash temp for 60 minutes. Recirculate mash until wort is free from large amounts of grain. Drain off wort into boil kettle for approximately 8 gallons (sparge as needed). Boil for 60 minutes, adding hops at 15 minutes and flameout as specified. Drain off ~6 gallons of wort to fermenter. Add glucoamylase to wort as directed (NOTE: glucoamylase is denatured at higher temperatures. Do NOT add to kettle). Pitch yeast as directed. After terminal gravity is reached, add dry hops and crash after two days. Package to higher carbonation (~2.7- 3 Volumes CO2).


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