Yeast Nutrient

Propper Seltzer

Propper Seltzer® takes the guesswork out of hard seltzer brewing, allowing brewers to focus on the creative side of seltzers. For the quickest results, brew with your favorite Omega Yeast kveik strain. Propper Seltzer nutrient is dry and 7 bbl and 15 bbl sizes are packaged in an easy to use, resealable bag. Simply measure out the dose based on your batch size.

Recommended Homebrew Use
One 28g pack provides yeast nutrient for 5 gallons of sugar wort at 1.060 (15ºP) or lower.

Recommended Probrew Use
Dose your sugar base at 170 grams per bbl. See chart at right.

up to

1 bbl
3 bbl
5 bbl
7 bbl
8 bbl
10 bbl
11 bbl
12 bbl
15 bbl


5 gal (28g)


7 bbl (1.19kg)


15 bbl (2.55kg)


150 bbl (25g)


5 gal (28g) 6-Pack


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Let the fizz begin

Propper seltzer packaging

4‑Day Lutra Hard Seltzer Recipe

Propper Seltzer nutrient powers Lutra® Kveik through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as few as 4 days. For a gluten free seltzer, try Dried Lutra.

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Powered by Kveik

Try Propper Seltzer with select Omega Yeast Kveik strains, or your favorite traditional strain.

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Blueberry Mint Hard Seltzer Recipe

Another perfect pairing of Propper Seltzer nutrient and Lutra Kveik for a fruity, refreshing seltzer.

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  1. 1. Add sugar

    Add sugar to hot water and stir to dissolve. Boil for 10 min, measure gravity and adjust.

  2. 2. Add Propper Seltzer

    Once desired gravity is reached, turn off the heat source and add Propper Seltzer nutrient.

  3. 3. Transfer

    Transfer sugar base to the fermenter at desired fermentation temperature. Aerate by shaking or oxygenating.

  4. 4. Pitch yeast

    Pitch your favorite Omega Yeast strain and let it roll.


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