World’s fastest Berliner Weisse? Lance and the lab team brewed this beer- grain to glass in only 5 days! If you’re in a hurry to prepare a quick summer quencher, here’s the recipe for you.

For 5 gallons (19 liters)

White Wheat Malt (~50%) 3.5 pounds
Pilsner Malt (~40%) 3 pounds
Munich Malt (~10%) 1 pound


Brew Day: Collected wort (O.G. 1.039) and pitched 200mL (2 Homebrew packs) of Lactobacillus Blend (OYL-605) at 95°F. Then let temperature naturally drop.

Day 1: At 18 hours post-Lacto pitch, pH was at 3.55 and temperature reduced to 75°F. Pitched 1L starter of Hothead Ale® (OYL-057) and applied brew belt to carboy. Temperature eventually climbed to 90°F. Krausen appeared about 7 hours after pitching yeast.

Day 2: Maintained 90°F fermentation temp. Krausen had already fallen by 18 hours post-yeast pitch but CO2 production continued.

Day 3: Maintained 90°F fermentation temp. Gravity about 1.015.

Day 4: Checked gravity (1.013) and pH (3.34). Cold crashed for 7 hours and kegged/force carbonated at 30 psi.

Day 5: First pour. Tastes great! Wheaty, bready, tart still fairly hazy. No off flavors.


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