Be Fresh

We believe the best yeast is the freshest yeast. That’s why our Probrew pitches are always custom made-to-order, and delivered the date you need them. And Homebrewers can find a selection of our vigorously healthy yeast at a local homebrew shop near you.

Be Curious

We believe in experimentation, innovation and questioning the status quo, which is why we produce over 75 strains, including common workhorse varieties and several unique ones that you can’t find anywhere else. Our proprietary propagation method generates metabolically strong yeast cells, with consistent fermentation and optimized cell counts.

Be Helpful

As much as we love our yeast, we’re just as proud of our people and service. We promise to make it easy for you to focus on brewing because we’re always here for you. Check out our resources or email us any questions — we’re here to help.

We hope to work with you!


Lance Shaner + Mark Schwarz


Testimonial singlespeed

Not only is Omega at the forefront of innovation in yeast, but Lance, Mark, and team are extremely dedicated to providing customer service of the utmost quality. There seems to be a strong relationship between trends in craft beer and new products coming from Omega, be it with the use of their Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, or Lactobacillus strains.

Austin Myers, Single Speed Brewing Co., Waterloo, IA
Testimonial broad ripple

I can’t thank you guys enough for providing us with yeast. You have reduced my stress levels dramatically. Not that you guys need it by now but I have been throwing out recommendations left and right. I look forward to trying out more strains as time goes on.

Jonathon Mullens, Broad Ripple BrewPub
Testimonial pollyanna

Omega Yeast has always been very responsive and helpful with any of our questions and is consistently selling clean and reliable yeast. They’re a great partner to have!

Brian Pawola, Pollyanna Brewing Co., Lemont, IL
Testimonial devil

Excellent customer service, yeast strains, viability and health of product. Omega helps me make the best beer possible, and I look forward to using them in the years to come as my brewery grows. Via Kviek!

Eric Walker, Devil and the Deep Brewery, Galveston, TX
Testimonial elmhurst

Lance and crew at Omega are great, new place looks fantastic and the yeast is quality. Keep up the good work guys.

Cam Horn, Elmhurst Brewing Co., Chicago, IL
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    Laura Burns

    Director of Research & Development

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    Gregor Brower

    Director of Quality

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    Samuel Webb

    Director of Operations

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    Adi Hastings

    Orders Specialist

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    Allison Lange

    Molecular Biologist

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    Director of Brand Design

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    Maintenance Specialist

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    Quality Lab Technician

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    Lab Manager

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    Keith Lacy

    Research & Development Lab Technician

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    Matt Glazier

    Analytical Services and Regulatory Compliance

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    Bianca Alley

    Orders and Process Coordinator

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    Demi Grounds

    Packaging Manager

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    Homebrew Manager

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    Danielle Sommer

    Managing Editor of Top Crop

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    Katie Steht

    Brand Manager

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    Innovation Brewer

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    Digital Marketing & Homebrew Engagement Specialist

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    Brett Koenig

    Chief Technology Officer

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    Jarrell Wimberly

    Homebrew Technician

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    Alex Lanigan

    Shipping Manager

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    Alex Smith

    Quality Lab Technician

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    Production Manager

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    Project Manager

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    Katriona Elmer

    Lead Lab Technician

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    Melissa Hernandez

    Yeast Packaging Technician

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    Nicholas Randle

    Homebrew Technician

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    Ricardo Herrera

    Shipping Technician

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    Shana Solarte

    Technical Writer

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    Team Default

    Ulysses Espino

    Yeast Packaging Technician

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    Maryhelen Harper

    Yeast Packaging Technician

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    Connor James

    Coffee Program Manager

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    Stuart MacFadyen

    Lab Technician

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    Nate Morton

    Innovation Brewer

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    Shannon Rhodes

    Operation Specialist

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    Alex Ryan

    Production Technician

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    Michael Theune

    Production Assistant

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    Dexter Stevens

    Junior Graphic Designer

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    Now Hiring: Maintenance Specialist

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