Engineered Technology Stack

An ever-evolving array of yeast designed for new and better experiences, our goal is to provide modern tools enabling brewers to explore newness and have optimized experiences with old favorites.


Diacetyl Knock Out (DKO) knocks out diacetyl formation before it starts. Engineered to express the ALDC enzyme and keep diacetyl so low, it’s undetectable. Learn more →


Enhanced ability to biotransform bound thiols into aromatic and flavorful characteristics reminiscent of pungent grapefruit, passionfruit, and guava. Learn more →


The easiest way to create clear beer. A bioengineered technology that develops transparent beer while maintaining parental strain behavior. Learn more →


We took out the phenolic gene to unmask once-hidden flavors and aromatics in well-known strains. All the esters with none of the clove-like phenolics. Learn more →

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