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Congratulations to all the winners at GABF this year! We know it takes a lot of work to create world-class beers and we’re thrilled to see you get some well-earned recognition. Here are some of the medal winners that were made using strains from Omega Yeast:

New Belgium Brewing Co. — Mission Bay
Gold in Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale for Cloudy Joose
Yeast Used: Helio Gazer (OYL-405)

Sew Hop’d Brewery
Gold in German-Style Altbier for Alt 140
Yeast used: Alt (OYL-001)

Brink Brewing Co.
Gold in Coffee Stout or Porter for Lil’ Zoomie
Yeast used: West Coast Ale I (OYL-004)

Bronze in Sweet Stout or Cream Stout for Moozie
Yeast used: West Coast Ale I (OYL-004)

Flix Brewhouse — ABQ
Bronze in Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale for Tropical Mirage
Yeast used: Cosmic Punch (OYL-402)

MORE Brewing
Bronze in Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale for Lil’ Space Booties
Yeast used: British Ale V (OYL-011)

Hutton & Smith Brewing Co.
Bronze in Golden or Blonde Ale for Basecamp Blonde
Yeast used: West Coast Ale I (OYL-004)

Whistle Hop
Gold in Smoke Beer for Ilaria Mezcal barrel aged smoked peach sour
Yeast used: Hothead Kveik (OYL-057)

Metazoa Brewing Co.
Gold in Scottish Ale for William Walrus
Yeast used: British Ale V (OYL-011)

Bronze in Bock for Ain’t Afraid of No Goats
Yeast used: German Lager I (OYL-106)

The Tap Brewing Co.
Bronze in Belgian Style Strong Specialty Ale for Delta Quadrant
Yeast used: Abbey Ale C (OYL-018)

Cinderlands Beer Co.
Gold in Experimental Beer for Hill & Hollow: Cayuga
Yeast used: Brett. Claussenii (OYL-201) and other off-menu farmhouse yeast.

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