New Look Wide

Coming soon to a homebrew shop near you are our new homebrew packs! Each pack will now contain 150 mL of yeast slurry to enhance the brewer’s experience. Packs will start appearing on homebrew shop shelves toward the beginning of August, so check in with your LHBS for more Omega Yeast!
Retailers, feel free to reach out to us for more information!

More Yeast Means Better Brews

  • Expect shorter lag phases
  • Experience better performance in lower nutrient conditions or inadequate oxygenation
  • Reduce off flavors or stalled fermentations from under pitching
  • Maintain the same dose of nutrients you’ve used in the past
  • Brew 5 gal (19 L) up to 1.070 OG

If you’re not sure where to get our products, check out our Buy In-store page to find a homebrew shop near you. Don’t see your shop? Let us know and we can reach out!

In addition to adding more yeast, we’ve rebranded our packaging and recategorized our strains to make it easy for brewers to follow. Download PDF of our new strain categories!

OY New Strain Categories

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