Sept 27, 2018

One of the oldest Lithuanian farmhouse ale yeast strains – sourced from famed brewer Aldona Udriene’s JOVARU Beer – is now available exclusively via Omega Yeast for brewers in the United States! We’re ecstatic and fortunate that Aldona Udriene of Jovaru, known as the queen of Lithuanian farmhouse beer” is partnering with us to bring this unique strain of yeast to the States!

Ms. Udriene, whose beers have won awards internationally, has been brewing beer in the same manner that her family has for centuries, consistently cultivating the same yeast strain. This is one of the key reasons that her farmhouse ale, or kaimiskas alus” in Lithuanian, is so distinctive.

Kaimiskas alus” is also unique because the beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally carbonated. Because the malt is never heated, proteins remain in the beer, making what is actually a dry beer seem a bit on the sweet side. While all beer has a shelf life, this particular style is best enjoyed fresh, within one month of brewing.

Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse is a unique yeast that complements farmhouse beers with citrusy esters and restrained phenols. The strain produces a character of lemon pith, black pepper, and a soft mouthfeel. We’re still exploring recipes where the strain shines. So far we’ve brewed a wonderful Belgian-style wit for which we will be sharing the recipe. Based on the flavor profile, it would be suitable for Belgian-style pale ales, blonde ales and wits, and of course raw ales brewed in the style of Jovaru. I sveikata!

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