Researchers at Chicago’s Omega Yeast Labs recently identified a gene in certain yeast strains that are more likely to produce haze in beer, according to a press release. While brewing experts typically consider hop oils and proteins to be the biggest factors in the signature cloudiness of some IPAs, the research team’s findings suggest that yeast’s genetic makeup plays a larger part in producing hazy beers.

The R&D team at Omega Yeast Labs, which sells specialized yeast to craft breweries and homebrewers, first discovered the link during a routine experiment. While using a yeast strain to mimic the traits of IPA fermentations, they discerned that certain strains of yeast produced more haze than others. They then linked these haze-positive” strains to a shared gene they’ve dubbed HZY1, which they now believe is a noteworthy factor in beer’s haziness.

Read Nicolette Baker’s full article on VinePair here.

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