Eco friendly

Today we’re thrilled to share our latest milestones with you.


We’ve begun to roll out eco-conscious, recycled fiber packaging insulation.


We’re making the switch to eco-conscious, recycled fiber packaging insulation. These insulated liners are not only excellent at keeping your orders nice and cold, but they’re also incredibly Earth-friendly.

  • Reusable
    You can easily reuse these liners for your own packaging needs — reducing waste and saving resources!
  • Recyclable
    When it’s time to part ways, simply toss them into your paper and cardboard recycling bin. They’ll continue their journey as a useful, recycled material.


Solar panels were installed on the roof of our facility.


But that’s not all! We’ve also embraced the power of the sun by installing brand-new solar panels.

Our commitment to sustainability and a greener future remains steadfast, and these steps are just the beginning of our journey towards a better planet.

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