Yeast Thumb 21

Belgian Ale D

Like a devil's bargain, Belgian Ale D demands sacrifice for the promise of great pay off: brewers who use this strain suffer through tricky fermentation kinetics for its rich flavor profile and aroma complexity. If you are tempted by this low-flocculating stop-and-starter, try Belgian Golden Strong (OYL-056) instead. It has a similar flavor profile with much more reliable fermentation.

This strain tests positive for the STA1 gene, an indicator of Saccharomyces cerevsiae var. diastaticus. This strain may have the ability to metabolize dextrins over time, resulting in higher than expected attenuation.

  • Strain Type

    Belgian Ales

  • Flocculation


  • Attenuation


  • Temperature Range

    64–80° F (18–27° C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance