What's New in 2020!


Lutra™ Kveik (OYL-071)

Pseudo-lagers, from brew day to package, in 10 days. Lutra exemplifies many of the characteristics wthat one would taste in a pilsner or American lager, while maintaining kveik tendencies of healthily fermenting at high temps with no off-flavors. Ultra-clean and ultra-fast!

Espe Kveik (OYL-090)

Espe offers new, unique esters and great haze-at kveik-speed. Veratile in fermentation temperature, Espe can go from flagship to seasonal, plae ale to porter. Ferment at typical ale temperatures, or for the most expressive notes of lychee, pear, and tropical fruit cup, ferment Espe at 90°F/32°C and above!

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Propper Seltzer™

One dose of Omega Yeast's specially formulated Propper Seltzer nutrient powers your favorite beer yeast through a helathy sugar-based fermentation in as little as 7 days. Want it even faster? Try 4 days with Propper Seltzer nutrient and Omega Yeast's Lutra Kveik! Visit propperbrew.com for more information.