Craft Brewers Conference
Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota
May 2 – 5, 2022

Will you be there? Visit us at booth 326.


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Date: 5/5/2022
3:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Learning Objectives:

  • How using the right yeast strain can make it easier to get stable haze in your hazy IPA
  • How to develop stable colloidal haze that won’t spin out or settle out
  • Best dry hopping practices to promote haze

Catch Laura Burns, Omega Yeast’s Director of R&D, co-present Dialing in Haze: Yeast Strain Choice and Dry Hop Timing.” How do you achieve that consistent, beautiful haze in your hazy IPA? In the early days of New England IPA (NEIPA) recipe design, a common misconception was that you needed non-flocculent yeast to stay in suspension for a hazy beer. This is simply not the case. Attend Laura’s session to learn more about this fascinating topic.

New innovative products & services

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We’ve been busy building out more products and services over the last year. Come by booth 326 and learn everything about our latest developments:

New strains:

New products and services:

Cosmic Punch boosts tropical aromatics by transforming hidden thiol precursors in malts and hops, releasing passionfruit, grapefruit, and guava notes in your beer. Cosmic Punch is the first strain in our Thiolized series. Thiolized strains squeeze more juice out of your ingredients.

Propper Seltzer nutrient was developed to make hard seltzer fermentations easy. Propper Seltzer is a yeast nutrient tailored specifically for fast, complete, and healthy hard seltzer fermentation.

Visit us at booth 326

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What have you been brewing?
Our team will be at CBC to answer all of your questions, including our Co-Founder, Lance Shaner, and our Director of R&D, Laura Burns. We want to hear all about what you’ve been working on.

Snag some swag
Stop by for a chat, leave with the latest and greatest Omega Yeast swag — like a free hat, shirt, or something else from our pile of goodies. And don’t forget to take a free sample of Propper Seltzer and Dried Lutra Kveik.

Cheers to you
If we haven’t met you yet in person, we’d like to. If we know each other already, we’d love to catch up. Whether you’ll be at CBC or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support. We’re always here to help.

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