• What should I know before I sour with your Lacto blend?

    The Lacto Blend (OYL-605) is very hop sensitive (even 0.5 IBU can inhibit souring). Be sure you’re using only unhopped wort! Our Lacto Blend works best in the 90-95ºF degree range and thus should be kept under 100ºF degrees to avoid stalling.

  • Help! The Lacto stalled for my kettle sour.

    Has the temperature increased to over 100ºF? Drop the temperature back down to under 95ºF degrees and it will generally take off again.

  • How do I set up an account?

    It’s pretty easy—complete the form on our How to Order page to become a customer. Or you can email us at for a username and password. You’ll receive a welcome email with login information shortly thereafter with welcome instructions.

  • What are your lead times?

    We custom prop so you have the freshest, healthiest, most viable yeast and most accurate counts. Lead time is usually about seven (7) days. That means if you place an order on a Monday, we’ll ship your yeast out the following Monday for receipt Tuesday. Note: when demand is high, lead times can occasionally increase slightly, so giving us as much of a heads up as you have is always appreciated. Lacto is often available without lead time. Contact us at

  • What is your pricing?

    Check out our price chart here

  • What mail carrier do you use to ship?

    We use UPS and find the most economical method based on your location and order. We pass on only the true shipping cost and we’re always working with UPS to lower shipping costs, too.

  • Do you offer strain banking?

    For Probrew customers, we offer private strain banking for a one-time $50 charge. Just send us a sample of your yeast strain, and we’ll freeze it until you’re ready to prop! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

  • How do I determine the proper pitch rate for my brew?

    Feel free to email or call us for help.

  • How do I order?

    Just email us at to tell us what you need and when. You’ll be speaking directly with our knowledgeable lab staff. For new accounts, we’ll set you up with a username and password to login and update your billing, shipping and contact information (or you can become a customer here). We’ll enter your order and a confirmation email will immediately be sent to you for your review.

  • Can I place orders directly through my customer account?

    Your account login provides access to all of your ordering details after an order is created person-to-person at We provide you with accurate lead and delivery times based on your planned brew day, and we work with you on any other specifications or questions you have then, too. After we establish the order by email, we enter it in your account and a confirmation is immediately sent to you for your review.

  • How do I determine the pitch rate for a secondary fermentation with one or more Brett strains?

    Because the nature of Brett strains are quite different from Sacch strains, we generally recommend pitching Bretts at 500k cells per mL for a secondary fermentation.

  • I am not getting confirmation emails and/or tracking numbers.

    If not the occasional mysteries of the spam folder, have you checked what email address the confirmations are being sent to? Login to your profile and check that it's the right one!

    (while you’re there it never hurts to make sure all your contact, shipping and billing information is up-to-date).




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