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Sometimes a Pils just isn’t enough; we might not want the sweet intensity of the maibock and we might not want the sheer bitterness of an IPL, but we want something more than a Pils. Thankfully we can sate the demand of our fickle palate with a well-lagered glass of Dort. From the pale lager zeitgeist of the late 19th century, the Dortmunder equally advocates hops and malt with just enough strength to warrant caution. While you can definitely sprinkle in some Vienna (up to 5%) & Munich (up to 3%), the key is to lean on Pilsner malt for a simple base. Stick to a healthy dose of low alpha kettle hops (30 – 40 IBUs are on the higher end but we’re feeling brazen here). Mash in the high 140s or low 150s for minimal residual body. Make a starter, oxygenate or aerate your wort, and ferment on the lower end of the yeast’s temperature range for a cleaner ferment, as the focus should be the balance of your hops and malt.

Dib Dub Dab Done

5 gallons (~19 liters)

OG — 1.052

FG — 1.012

ABV — 5.3%

IBU — 40

Pilsner Malt — 11 lb (100%)

Tettnanger — .5 oz at 60 Minutes

Tettnanger — .5 oz at 30 Minutes

Tettnanger — .5 oz at 15 Minutes

Tettnanger — Tettnanger — .5 oz at Flameout

Hallertau Tradition — 1 oz at 15 Minutes

Hallertau Tradition — 1 oz at Flameout

Yeasts — OYL-106 (German Lager), OYL-113 (Mexican Lager), or OYL-114 (Bayern Lager)

Add grain to 8 gallons water at 154°F for a target mash of 150°F. Hold mash temp for 60 minutes. Recirculate mash until wort is free from large amounts of grain. Drain off wort into boil kettle for approximately 7.25 gallons (sparge as needed for a boil gravity of 1.035). Boil for 90 minutes, adding hops as noted above. Pitch yeast as directed. After 50% of target attenuation has been observed, raise temperature to 68 degrees and allow 2 – 3 days for a diacetyl rest. Lager beer for 3 – 4 weeks prior to packaging.


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